When Doom 3 came out, there were a number of attempts to recreate its gameplay within the boundaries of the Doom source ports of the time. Similarly, Doom 2016 received similar recreation efforts, with varying levels of closeness to the original source material. Ultimately, looking at these efforts made me take a step back and think: why restrict yourself to mashing just two games together...?

MetaDoom is a gameplay mod that attempts to merge in elements from every Doom game ever made into something loosely resembling a cohesive mass, with Doom 2, 3, 2016 and Eternal elements standing side-by-side and often merged together in new and interesting ways. And then the obscure stuff, like the mobile games and console ports, get thrown in... then the resulting mass of flesh and guns gets thrown into a blender for five minutes. Serve with a clove of garlic.

(Check out more trailers from past versions here!)


Latest Version

(v7.1 "Ghost", 16/05/2021)

Latest Dev Build - Github Repo

Get knee-deep in the unfinished new stuff.

"Baphomet's Entryway" by DrPySpy

A really cool custom map that really shows off the possibilities for custom map support. Well recommended!


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