Some mods of mine that had long-running discussion threads on the ZDoom Forums are moving over to the Doomworld forums for Very Bad Reasons (TW: Grooming etc.) and the Very Bad Handling thereof! This isn't so much of a goodbye, as it is a "I've moved to another house with less asbestos in the roof, feel free to come and visit". Hopefully in time the situation will improve enough that I can return in peace, but for now? A change of scenery is in order.

I'm not removing anything so all the old threads will stay as-is, frozen in amber. Amber that might get deleted or have all the images break over time once Imgur gets acquired by Bain Capitol, but sho ga nai and all that. Here's where you can find the stuff that's recent enough to deserve getting shifted over immediately. I'll update this as/if more stuff moves over.

I will also more-likely-than-not continue to post news, updates and other such tidbits on Twitter for however long it continues to defy God and science by existing. A week? A month? A year? Six minutes? I dunno. I'll probably just keep posting unfinished garbage and bad jokes there until either it 404s or something better comes along.

I do not have a public Discord server because I've already done my time as a videogame forum admin during a considerably less dark era of the internet, when my biggest concern was some teenage asshole with a bookmarks folder full of free anonymous proxy server sites to evade IP bans, and not, like, actual serious duty-of-care shit.

You can view my nicer-looking website here, if for some reason you want to. (You're also welcome to Google up and chip a few bucks towards an abuse charity in your country or state, if you can spare the scratch in this economy.)

Last Updated: April 20, 2023